Company Profile

Nova Islamic is a member company of the NOVA Group of Companies. NOVA is an innovation-driven company and is constantly on the lookout for fresh, quality and market relevant courses to introduce and promote in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. It is committed to providing the best professional development solutions to its clients.

Globally, Islamic finance is a fast growing segment of the economy. And it is quickly becoming an important and integral component of the global financial system. Nova Islamic is dedicated to promote Islamic finance training, education, business consultancy to cater to the increasingly growing needs of the market (industry professionals as well as financial organisations).

The Nova Islamic training and consultancy programmes impart practical Islamic banking and finance knowledge to financial services professionals in the region. Our professional programmes cover four main financial topics: Islamic banking, Islamic insurance (takaful), the capital markets and wealth management. We deliver tailor-made training programmes and conduct in-house as well as public training programmes to suit our client’s varied and unique needs. In addition, we also provide end-to-end business consultancy from product origination, product development to product marketing.

Our clients include financial corporations looking for continuous improvement in talents, products, operations and competitiveness, individuals wanting to sharpen their skills and knowledge in the latest development in the financial field and people seeking for a professional and practical education to bring out their individual best. Nova works with a wide spectrum of clients – multinational corporations, associations, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and academic institutions – and has successfully fulfilled each one of their unique and professional needs with high levels of satisfaction.

Nova Islamic is strategically positioned to assist financial institutions to enhance knowledge, skill and professionalism in Islamic finance, from talent development and human capacity building, business advisory to product creation. Our focus is on partnering leading institutions around the world to offer the best training, education and consultancy to our clients.

Our Strengths
  • We have a strong Islamic finance research team and in-house Islamic banking and finance adviser
  • We are the appointed as the Education Provider of Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia (IBFIM) – the training arm of Bank Negara Malaysia for the Hong Kong and China markets
  • We have over 10 years of training, education and business consultancy experience
  • We have a qualified team of experienced training, academic and technical staff as well as subject matter experts who possess not only professional and technical knowledge, but also the highest professional and ethical standards
  • We have good local and global connections
  • We are recognised by the Chinese Government and appointed as its Offshore Programme Office for the Guangdong Professional Technical Continuing Education and the Guangdong Professional Training Centre
  • We are also the sole course provider of the China Management Consulting Professional Examination Programme beyond the shores of Mainland China

Our vision is to provide participants with professional and practical Islamic finance knowledge and skills through a wide array of high quality training cum educational programmes and become one of the most preferred training and education institutions in Hong Kong and China. We aim to help financial corporations improve their productivity, strengthen their talent development and human capacity building as well as assist individuals to develop a competitive edge for a better future.

For starters, we monitor global industry trends very closely to keep a finger on the pulse of this growing marketplace. We also constantly identify new and niche products and services to present you with only the best the market has to offer in terms of talent training and human capacity building and development. This makes us a cut above the rest.

Over the years, we have worked very closely with various stakeholders, regulatory authorities and governments to bridge a host of talent development and human capacity building needs. Among them: we have successfully introduced the China Professional and National Qualification State Examination, China Management Consulting Professional Examination (CMC) and Sports Marketing and Sponsorship to the Hong Kong market.

These strategic initiatives have earned us numerous industry accolades both domestically and internationally. Our recent appointment by IBFIM to promote Islamic finance and banking training and professional development programmes, shariah advisory, audit services as well as business development consultancy services in Hong Kong and China has further demonstrated our professional competency and resolve in bringing you the best in talent development and human capacity building.

That’s not all. We have an efficient team of professionals and experts from around the region and the necessary market intelligence and know-how to help you grow your business. If you are interested to know more, please talk to us.